alte schule leopoldstal

We prefer organic food as well as regional and seasonal food and drinks.
Vegetarians are very welcome! You are welcome to pack a lunch from the breakfast. We can also provide muesli-bars and drinks for an additional fee.

If you wish we can prepare a rustic lunch or supper for you.

Continental Breakfast time!
As everyone knows, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, and the appeal of a guest house, aside from the style and the quality of the beds, depends quite heavily on the offered food and drinks. This is why we would like to share a bit about our sources. We love regional and seasonal meals! We try to buy as much organic food as possible.

Mr. Joestingmeier of the “Bioland” (organic) wholemeal-bakery delivers fresh bread and rolls  on his way back home on Saturdays – he lives in Leopoldstal too! During the week we get fresh rolls from Mrs. Knickmann and often we get spelt-malt-bread from the village of Nieheim.

In the Nieheim museum's shop we buy our cow’s cheese, made by the creamery Menne, varieties include plain, with pepper or fenugreek seeds and mozzarella style – so tasty! The other cheese types, soft and cream cheese, sheep or goat's cheese, which we can’t get locally produced, we buy organically in supermarkets or at Mrs Knickmann's little food shop in Leopoldstal.

Mrs Knickmann's husband has a farm in the next village and the local butcher produces German sausage specialities and ham of his pigs, so we buy his products for the non-vegetarians.

Our honey is produced by local bees flying at the edge of the forest in Leopoldstal. The berries for our homemade jams are picked by us and we use other fruits as well.

Fruit and vegetables we buy mainly from a “Lebenshilfe” shop in Detmold. “Lebenshilfe” is an organisation for handicapped people, they run an organic vegetable-farm and shop as well as the café “Unerwartet” in the station in Detmold – we highly recommend it! They offer regional fruit and vegetables, eggs and often yoghurt and milk.

We have excellent tap water or bottled water from Vinsebeck which is further down the beautiful cycling/hiking path R1 towards Höxter. The juice is produced of local fruit in the town Lage, unfortunately not organic. The beer we offer is brewed in a brewery run by three women in Detmold!

While we enjoy all our regional and seasonal products, for special exceptiones like bananas we must go further. We are drawn abroad to southern Europe for wine and herbal teas, and even further via the “Teekampagne” to Darjeeling for tea. Our coffee we get via “Gepa” from Africa and South- and Middle America. We are very happy that we are able to support not just organic and fairtrade but also workers cooperatives in Germany!

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention Matthias! He produces excellent vegetarian pates here in the Exer-valley, including “sun-tomato”, “red pepper” and “Korma” (tastes of India!), each one nicer than the last. He sells his label “Sanchon” in whole-food shops, and creates local jobs. Which brings us full circle back to our region, “Lippe”!

If you followed our culinary journey so far, come and enjoy!